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We manufacture wide range of household cleaning products for private labels and commercial trademarks. We cooperate with reputable merchant chains and private trademarks from all across Europe.


For the needs of our clients, we are branding and packaging for private brands. By manufacturing for private labeling we save your efforts, time and money. Private label ensures the quality and added value to the consumers, while providing the differentiation for distributors, strengthening their image, increasing customer loyalty and references.


Interclean offers all necessary support for the branding of products – from the application of the logotype on the products up to the original packing according to the client’s specifications.


Interclean is reliable partner in all your projects of developing and lunching private brands. Changes are inevitable part of our everyday life - we constantly search for new options, test new products and new functional solutions.

High level of production flexibility enables us to offer each individual product in variety of models, colors and packaging, based on your enquiry.  We can answer to all the requirements of the market and the distributors, who expect flexibility in terms of the quality level, product’s size and specifications. Our experts, resources and expertise are at your disposal at any given moment. 

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