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We specialize in the production of cleaning products (sponges, sponge cloths, abrasive cloths, multi-purpose cloths, mops, buckets, brooms, brushes ...) for private brands and trademarks. We export our products to the countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

In our factory in Belgrade, on the machines of the latest generation, the complete production process is performed in one place - from the development of our own tools and product design, through production to the assembly and packaging of finished products.


In the production of plastic products (buckets, brooms, brushes, shovels, mops) we develop our own tools (molds) and provide customers with full technical support in the development of their own products.


Interclean strives to build partnership with its customers and suppliers based on mutual trust and sharing knowledge and experience. Our goal is not only to have satisfied customers, but rather partners in strategic planning and business operations.

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