About us.

For over 20 years Interclean producing household cleaning products – sponges, scourers, clothes, household wipes,  and plastic cleaning products – brooms, brushes, buckets, mops...


We are specialized in the production for private labels and commercial trademarks. We export our products to countries of Western and Eastern Europe. We can answer to all the requirements of the market and the distributors, who expect flexibility in terms of the quality level, product’s size and specifications. 


In our factory, state-of-the-art machines carry out the whole production process in one place – from the development of our own tools and the design of products, up to the production, assembling and packing of finished products.


We develop our own tools (molds) for the production of plastic products (buckets, brooms, brushes, dust shovels and mops) and provide our clients with full technical support in the development of their own products. 


The company is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards.



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Private Label Production, Belgrade, Serbia