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Our products are of high quality, convenient and ergonomic design for easy and efficient usage. We are up to date with the latest trends when it comes to functional solutions, easy handling and innovations in technology and materials.

For more than 25 years, all our products have been produced in our factory located in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Company has certified quality management system according to reguirements of standard ISO 9001:2015 .

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InterCLEAN d.o.o. bases its business success on continuous fulfillment of the requirements of its customers and other interested parties, compliance with market requirements, quality management systems, legal and other regulatory requirements.


InterCLEAN d.o.o. is specialized in the production of hygiene accessories from different types of materials. In order to ensure the functionality, efficiency and ergonomic characteristics of the product, even in the development phase we strive for the best solutions, in order to provide the best possible quality to our customers.


Our goal is to secure and permanently maintain a leading position among organizations in the field of production for which we specialize.

We achieve this goal by:

  • continuous improvement of the quality of our products,

  • meeting customer requirements,

  • increasing the level of customer satisfaction,

  • development and innovative approach in accordance with the needs of the market,

  • investing in technical and technological development,

  • effective management of risks and opportunities that may arise in conducting business activities,

  • promoting a culture of quality at all levels in the organization,

  • acquiring new knowledge and investing in employee training,

  • encouraging team spirit and proactive approach in work,

  • adequate motivation of employees and preservation of safety and health at work,

  • care for the environment throughout the entire product life cycle,

  • selection of raw materials based on renewable sources and natural materials,

  • improving the processes in order to contribute to a more efficient and effective functioning of the quality management system and its continuous improvement.


The quality of our products is our recognizable value, and reliable and long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers and other external providers are our main focus in the realization of successful business.


In Belgrade, 20.01.2022.


Mladen Kalanj



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